Fall 2016     Instructor: Doug Bennett

Wednesday, 12:30 to 2:30; SNHU Room 210

 9/14    Introductory session: what do governments do, and how?

The Constitution of the United States, Articles I to VII

9/21    Some history, and a rubric for understanding public policy

Arthur Okun, Equality and Efficiency, Brookings Institution, 1975, 2015, chapters 1-2

Charles Murray, The Happiness of the People, American Enterprise Institute, 2009

Excerpts from 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Letter

  9/28    The ideological terrain of public policy

Arthur Okun, Equality and Efficiency, chapters 3-4

The Constitution of the United States, Amendments I to XXVII

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

10/5     The Federal Budget; Social Security

NASI, Social Security Benefits, Finances and Policy Options, 2015

Michael Tanner, Social Security’s 80th Anniversary Is No Cause for Celebration, Cato Institute, 2015

CBPP, Policy Basics: Top Ten Facts about Social Security, 2015

Henry Aaron, What America’s Retirees Really Deserve, Brookings Institution, 2016

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, The Reformer: An Interactive Tool to Fix Social Security

10/12    Inequality and Poverty Policy

U.S. Census Bureau, How Census Measures Poverty, 2014

Chad Stone et al, A Guide to Statistics on Historical Trends in Income Inequality, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, September, 2016

 Robert Rector, Poverty and Social Welfare in the United States and Other Nations, The Heritage Foundation, September 2015

Richard V. Reeves, Saving Horatio Alger: Equality, Opportunity and the American Dream, Brookings Institution, 2014

Andrew Flowers, What Would Happen If We Just Gave People Money? FiveThirtyEight, April 16, 2016

William Galston, The Poverty Cure: Get Married, Wall Street Journal, October 28, 2015

Matthew Desmond, The Eviction Economy, New York Times, March 6, 2016

Tyler Cowen, My Second Thoughts About Universal Basic Income, BloombergView, October 27, 2016

For those who want more:  Council of Economic Advisors, The War on Poverty 50 Years Later: A Progress Report, January, 2014.

10/19    Health Care Policy

RAND, The Affordable Care Act in Depth

 Douglas Elmendorf, Next Steps in Federal Health Care Policy (Seidman Lecture), Brookings Institution, November 2, 2015

Robert E. Moffit, Medicare at 50: Reform Will Better Serve Seniors’ Health Care Needs, The Heritage Foundation Issue Brief, July 30, 2015

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment, Health Policy Brief, July 16, 2015

Harlan Krumholz, Three Things to Know Before You Judge the VA Health System, Forbes, May 23, 2014

10/26    Equal Protection Policy

Pierre Rosanvallon, How to Create a Society of Equals: Overcoming Today’s Crisis of Inequality, Foreign Affairs, Monday, December 14, 2015

 Thomas Sowell, Race, Culture and Equality, Forbes, October 5, 1998, pp. 144-149.

Charles J. Ogletree, The Case for Affirmative Action, Stanford Alumni Magazine

 Lincoln Caplan, Thurgood Marshall and the Need for Affirmative Action, New Yorker, December 19, 2015

Jim Rutenberg, A Dream Undone: Inside the 50-year Campaign to Roll Back the Voting Rights Act, New York Times, July 29, 2015

Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, Guidance on the Voluntary Use of Rights to Achieve Diversity in Postsecondary Education, 2011.

11/2      Immigration Policy 

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, 2013 Senate Immigration Reform Bill (S. 744) Summary / Presentation Notes, May 27, 2013

Audrey Singer, U.S. Immigration Demographics and Immigrant Integration, Brookings Institution presentation at the White House, July 16, 2014

David Inserra, Ten-Step Checklist for Revitalizing America’s Immigration System: How the Administration Can Fulfill Its Responsibilities, Heritage Foundation, November 3, 2014

Madeline Zavodny, Securing the Border: Defining the Current Population Living in the Shadows and Addressing Future Flows, American Enterprise Institute, March 26, 2015

Friends Committee on National Legislation, FCNL Written Statement for House Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing on Immigration Policies, April 19, 2016.

Friends Committee on National Legislation, Principles of Fair Immigration Reform, March 2013